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Vector Cuties Commissions

Show the world your kawaii-side with a custom avatar. For all your social (and antisocial) needs! Come check out my new ArtCorgi commission page and see what I can do for you.

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I Feel a Little Bit Stabbity

Everybody feels a little bit stabbity sometimes. Now you can offer fair warning.

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I Crap Rainbows

Release your inner rainbow! No matter from where it bursts…

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Happy Pi(e) Month!

Kawaii Not is heavily inspired by desserts of all kinds, and pie holds a special place in the sweet stuff pantheon. Apple, cherry, lemon, pumpkin, even the in-name-cake-but-in-spirit pie that is known as cheesecake. All have a place at the table… and the stomach. Hooray!

And of course big shout-out to mathematical pi for all its work in the field of circles. Would pies work as squares? Hopefully we will never have to find out…

Click here for a delicious assortment of pi(e) comics!

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Visit the cute catacombs and see the evolution of “cute gone bad.” Only for those that can handle their kawaii.

Commission an Avatar!

I’ve opened up a commission page at! If you’d like a cute digital portrait, perfect for any social media shenanigans, come on by and I will find your kawaii side. I can also do fan art and original characters as well.

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My other illustrations that aren’t talking farts or crapping rainbows. And you can hire me for artstuffs!

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I Crap Rainbows Sticker Sheet


Decorate your world with some attitude ‘n’ rainbows! Stick it to the man with actual stickers!


Are your messages lacking cute? Are your notes kawaii deficient? Then the Kawaii Not Notes Stationery Set is the answer for you!

Kawaii Not Too book


Kawaii Not Too: Cute Gets Badder is the second collection of Kawaii Not comics. Now you can add more weirdness to your bookshelf!


All the power of Kawaii Not jammed into one inch of rounded awesome. Hoorah!